I Became A Short-Order Cook Today

At 2 years, 2 months, 16 days old:


Cale: Mommy, I want a graham cracker.

Me: Ok. (I go to get graham cracker & hand one to Cale.)

Cale: No, mommy! I want ceweal!

Me: What?! *sigh* (I go to get cereal box, Cale sees it as I try to pour it.)

Cale: No, mommy! I want pizza.

Me: What?!?!? *siiiiiigh* (I open leftover pizza box on counter and heat up last piece) You have exactly 15 seconds to change your mind before this microwave goes off, Cale! (Pizza is done, I place it in front of him. I sit down to eat.)

Cale: Pizza hot! (Abandons pizza and walks over to claim graham cracker.)

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