Cale’s Theme Song

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live a day in the life as Cale’s mom, I have the perfect way to describe it to you. Click on the YouTube link below and listen to this song. For some of you old-timers like me, you may already be familiar with this one but if not, I would encourage you to have a listen. The real fun begins at 2:30 in the timeline of the song. Crank the volume up to 10 and enjoy the ride. If you’re not COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED by the time the song is over, you are welcome to babysit my son anytime after he’s eaten a bag of M&Ms and missed his afternoon nap!


Who Is The President?

When Cale woke up this morning, he asked where daddy was. I explained that daddy was on a special assignment and had to go fix some voting machines. Cale asked what that meant. Realizing he’s only 3 years old, I found myself a little perplexed because in order to explain what voting machines were, I also had to explain what voting was, and in order to explain what voting was, I also had to explain a little bit of politics. Boy! This was getting a little complicated! So I asked Cale, “Do you know who the president is?” to which Cale replied “Bad people?”